Wire drawing dies-Single crystal diamond dies pull out stainless steel wire copper wire

single crystal diamond dies – fort wayne wire die

Single Crystal Diamond Dies – Fort Wayne Wire Die

For fine wire and ultrafine wire applications demanding a superior wire surface finish, nothing performs better than a single crystal natural or synthetic diamond die from Fort Wayne Wire Die. The first to use diamond x-ray orientation, Fort Wayne Wire Die is uniquely skilled at properly mounting the diamond inside the die casing to ensure

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"SCS dies are similar with ND which can used in all ND die's application.Used in fine and ultrafine wire drawing, or as finish-dies when wire surface quality is critical. Specification: from φ0.012 mm to φ2.00 mm Typical application: Tungsten wire, Bonding wire, Stainless steel wire, Copper wire and wire drawn of precious metals.

single crystal diamond dies - diamond wire drawing dies

Single Crystal Diamond Dies - Diamond wire drawing dies

a very full range of Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies. Natural Diamond Drawing Dies: Natural Diamond Dies is a wire drawing tools for the production of soft wires such as : copper, aluminum wires and hard wires as stainless steel, tungsten , Ti-plated copper, etc.. Hole Sizes: From 0.0004inch to 0.0800inch: Or from 0.0100mm to 2.0000mm

natural diamond dies , diamond dies - wire drawing die

Natural Diamond Dies , diamond dies - wire drawing die

Natural diamond dies. Starking Natural diamond dies use German technology and America raw material to produce in China. Starking wire drawing die company produces natural diamonds dies (ND dies) has superior quality and durability. Accurate die hole, high cleanliness and precise size, so distributed distortion, the minimum wire drawing force and surface quality, this is the best mold, metal

pcd/nd wire drawing die

PCD/ND Wire Drawing Die

Diamond dies are widely applied to a variety of industries, implemented as drawing tools for soft wire products (copper and aluminum wire), as well as hard wire products (stainless steel, tungsten and copper plated steel wire). Dies are made of natural diamonds or synthetic diamonds, offering high performance in hardness and abrasion. PCD DIE

best wire drawing dies manufacturers in china -zhuzhou uko

Best Wire Drawing Dies Manufacturers in China -Zhuzhou UKO

Wire drawing die is a very important consumable product used by various metal wire manufacturers to draw wires. The application range of metal wire drawing dies is very wide, mainly used for drawing straight and difficult-to-machine objects such as bars, wires, pipes, etc., and generally suitable for drawing processing operations of metal and alloy materials such as steel, copper, tungsten

pcd drawing dies - esteves group wire die solutions

PCD Drawing Dies - Esteves Group Wire Die Solutions

Polycrystalline diamond dies enable a long drawing die life even at high process speeds and high demanding applications. Esteves Group PCD drawing dies are manufactured with a mirror polish and a smooth wire entry to ensure optimal die life and string-up. Esteves Group offers a complete line of PCD drawing dies for rod-size down to fine wire.

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China Out Drawings, China Out Drawings Manufacturers

Wire drawing dies-Single crystal diamond dies pull out stainless steel wire/copper wire Anhui Liyuan Wire Drawing Dies Co., Ltd. US $50.00 / Piece

wire drawing reference guide - expometals.net

Wire Drawing Reference Guide - Expometals.net

Through this Wire Drawing Reference Guide, Fort Wayne Wire Die will be able to support your need for technical wire drawing information. From wire drawing definitions and equations to diamond and tungsten carbide die specifications, this one source incorporates it all. drawing dies & wear parts Single Crystal Natural Diamond Dies

the nano-die®

The Nano-Die®

The diamond coating of Nano-Dies® make this tooling exceptional in durability and smoothness. Nano-Diamond America is offering its newest version of the Nano-Die® and it offers greater benefits than ever to manufacturers. Expect a smoother surface, lower level of friction, and increased price performance today’s Nano-Dies®.

wire drawing

Wire drawing

Drawing dies are typically made of tool steel, tungsten carbide, or diamond, with tungsten carbide and manufactured diamond being the most common. For drawing very fine wire a single crystal diamond die is used. For hot drawing, cast-steel dies are used. For steel wire drawing, a tungsten carbide die is used.