Wire Drawing Die- Single Crystal Diamond Dies

single crystal diamond dies – fort wayne wire die

Single Crystal Diamond Dies – Fort Wayne Wire Die

For fine wire and ultrafine wire applications demanding a superior wire surface finish, nothing performs better than a single crystal natural or synthetic diamond die from Fort Wayne Wire Die. The first to use diamond x-ray orientation, Fort Wayne Wire Die is uniquely skilled at properly mounting the diamond inside the die casing to ensure

single crystal diamond dies - diamond wire drawing dies

Single Crystal Diamond Dies - Diamond wire drawing dies

iw is a,specialized in manufacturing,supply and service wire drawing dies and the related tools and equipment,including single crystal diamond die, polycrystalline diamond die,specialty wire dies,tungsten carbide dies.

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"SCS dies are similar with ND which can used in all ND die's application.Used in fine and ultrafine wire drawing, or as finish-dies when wire surface quality is critical. Specification: from φ0.012 mm to φ2.00 mm Typical application: Tungsten wire, Bonding wire, Stainless steel wire, Copper wire and wire drawn of precious metals.

single crystal diamond wire drawing die-zhecheng hongxiang

Single Crystal Diamond Wire Drawing Die-Zhecheng Hongxiang

Theoretically speaking, the artificial single crystal diamond wire drawing die has the advantages of high precision of the natural single product diamond die and good quality of the die cavity. At the same time, since it is made by hand, its shape is relatively regular, and it is easier to determine the crystal orientation from the outer contour.

sscd diamond dies

SSCD diamond dies

Yihua synthetic single crystal diamond drawing dies (SSCD dies) give the wire manufacturer the ability to produce the smallest sizes of wires with uniform wire roundness and high surface quality while meeting or exceeding the required wire diameter tolerances.

single crystal diamond dies,iwd wire dies,nd dies

Single Crystal Diamond Dies,IWD wire dies,nd dies

Single Crystal Diamond Dies Enamelled Wire Drawing Die This kind of dies is the painting diamond wire die for the wire insulation, for a thin layer of enamel on the wire surface.

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Yantai DM Fine Wire Die Co.,Ltd - Bonding Wire Drawing Dies

Yantai DM Fine Wire Die Co., Ltd was established in 1987 in Shandong province, China. The company has enjoyed continual growth in polishing diamond drawing dies in ultra fine sizes and has established itself with world-renowned customers from China, Germany, Japan, Korea and Singapore countries.

woodburn diamond die

Woodburn Diamond Die

Founded in 1957, Woodburn Diamond Die, Inc. has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wire drawing dies. An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, Woodburn Diamond Die is one of the few companies to offer a comprehensive line of wire drawing dies of its own manufacture.

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Wire Die Manufacturer - Fort Wayne Wire Die – Wire Die

Wire dies of the highest quality, consistency and production efficiency are critical to your wire drawing operation. Turn to Fort Wayne Wire Die—the world’s innovation leader in wire die technology since 1937. Learn more about our full line of wire die products, including: Single crystal diamond dies / Poly-Di® polycrystalline diamond dies

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About Us,diamond dies,wire drawing dies,wire dies

Zhengzhou IW Diamond Co., Ltd. ( IWD for short ) is a High-New Technology joint enterprise and Global company,specializing in the manufacture, supply and service of wire drawing dies and related tools&equipment.wire drawing dies including single crystal diamond dies and polycrystalline diamond dies.

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SINGLE CRYSTAL DIAMOND DIES Description "SCS dies are similar with ND which can used in all ND die's application.Used in fine and ultrafine wire drawing, or as finish-dies when wire surface quality is critical.