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CBN Grinding Wheels « www.VincesWoodNWonders.com

CBN Grinding Wheels. Keeping your turning tools sharp is an important aspect of the woodturning process and CBN grinding wheels get your woodturning tools sharp quickly with less heat! We feel our CBN Grinding Wheels are the best in the business! We took our time and researched CBN wheels before making our decision on which wheels to carry.

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CBN GRINDING WHEELS | Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement

CBN wheels are available in a variety of grits and a 6" wheel can easily cost over $100 and an 8" wheel over $200. I started with a medium-grit wheel, 180. I found it painfully slow for reshaping and modifying tool geometry, something I do quite often, so I subse­quently purchased a coarse 80-grit wheel.

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CBN Grinding Wheels| D-Way Tools - Quality Wood Turning

CBN Grinding Wheels. We have been using CBN grinding wheels for sharpening our turning tools for years, and have found them to be a real asset. The wheels are factory balanced, which makes our grinders run very smooth. The grinding wheels have a full 1 1/2" face to use, and they don't need any dressing - therefore you don't have the mess of truing wheels and won't breathe the dust related to

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CBN Wheel Grit Recommendations | American Association

I just bought a new 180 grit wheel from Ken. My old 180 grit was a steel wheel from the Woodturning Store. I have used it for 5-6 years. I think now it is more like a 350 grit. For reshaping I just put my 60 grit white wheel on as for that I can't justify the cost.

featured article: cbn grinding wheels by reed gray — reed

Featured Article: CBN Grinding Wheels by Reed Gray — Reed

The diamond wheels are fine for carbide, glass, and ceramics, but don't handle heat well when used to sharpen the hardened steels like we use for our turning tools. CBN is ideally suited for any hardened steels as there is little heat build up, so breakdown of the abrasive is very minimal.

cbn grinding wheel for sharpening woodturning tools

CBN grinding wheel for sharpening woodturning tools

CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels have advantages for grinding woodturning tools. They are the latest must-have kit. Unlike conventional wheels, they don’t require dressing to clean and true them, so make less dust, and they don’t wear down to a smaller diameter. They are said to be very long-lasting.

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Recommended Sharpening Equipment - Turn A Wood Bowl

I have two CBN sharpening wheels on my slow speed grinder. One wheel is a 180 grit CBN sharpening wheel, and the other is an 80 grit CBN for shaping wheel. The 80 grit wheel is used to shape tools and the 180 grit wheel is used for a finer sharpening finish.

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Thinking about CBN grinding wheels - Canadian

Lee Valley has 8" wheels for $139 (180 grit) and $149 (80 grit), which sounds pretty good. I can also get a set for $70 more from our local wood turning store, which is something I'll consider so that we continue to have a local option available.

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Products to enhance the WoodTurners experience – Wood

Hi Ken, It was a pleasure meeting you at Totally Turning. I knew before I went that I would be purchasing your CBN wheels and Ultimate Sanding Kit. I appreciate your advice about what grit to get for the fine wheel and I'm glad that I got the 350! The wheels run absolutely true and do an amazing job. Thanks! God bless

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Best CBN grinding wheels, and low speed Grinder - by

I have the 8” wheels-80/180 grits from WoodTurnersWonders.I have Woodcrafts 1/2 hp slow speed grinder.I love the wheels.The 80 grit can be aggressive.I almost think 180/220 would be a good combo-there always some debate there.I think a 1 hp grinder would be better though.The 1/2 hp spins my wheels but it does take a little longer to get up to speed.WoodTurnersWonders does offer a package deal…