solid cbn insert scgn090308 scgn090304 spgn090304

scgn series - cbn inserts,pcbn inserts,solid cbn inserts

SCGN Series - CBN inserts,PCBN inserts,Solid CBN inserts

SCGN090304SCGN090308SCGN090312SCGN090404SCGN090408SCGN090412solid cbn inserts,cbn inserts. Address. Research 5# building B site 21-11 room,the national university

solid cbn inserts - scmn/scgn

Solid CBN Inserts - SCMN/SCGN

Solid CBN Inserts - SCMN/SCGN - Hot Sizes: SCGN090304; SCGN090308; SCGN120404; SCGN120408. Solid CBN Inserts are made of CBN micro powder and bonding material under high temperature and high pressure, with no carbide substrate. They are widely used for machining the material of cast irons, hardened steels, powder metals, like brake disc, brake

cbn inserts | solid cbn inserts for hard turning

CBN Inserts | Solid CBN Inserts for hard turning

The solid CBN means that the CBN is produced by sintering micron CBN powder and bond material, but not carbide substrate. it’s also called CBN insert full form. Slugger solid CBN inserts offer significant competitive advantages over conventional brazed tip inserts: Lower cost per cutting edge, up to two cutting edges for free per insert

cbn insert,pcbn insert,solid cbn insert

CBN Insert,PCBN Insert,Solid CBN Insert

Our CBN Inserts mainly used for turning,cutting and milling High Nickel and Chrome Cast Iron workpiece,automotive brake disc,brake drum ,cast iron wheel hub,cast iron roll ,roller and pumps,free testing sample of Solid CBN insert,PCBN Insert and Tipped indexable CBN turning insert,milling insert are all available ,only need you provide us detailed cutting condition,like the CBN inserts ISO

solid cbn cutting tools - a.m tech

Solid CBN Cutting Tools - A.M TECH

AMT ABN Series – Solid CBN Cutting Tools Type Dimension(mm) Standard cutting edge Grade ISO L Øi.c s r ABN6100 ABN7200 ABN9000 ABN9300 SNMN 090304 9 9.525 3.18 0.4 T01020 T01025 T02020 T02030 S01020 S01025 S02020 S02030 S05020 S10020 SNMN 090308 9 9.525 3.18 0.8 SNMN 090312 […]

solid cbn inserts, full form cbn, solid face cbn inserts

Solid cbn inserts, full form cbn, solid face cbn inserts

Descriptions of Solid CBN inserts: Cubic boron nitride inserts (CBN Inserts) is a high-performance type of cutting tool material from a polycrystalline mass. Insert Type Dimensions Standard cutting edgeL Ø i.c s r SCGN090304 9 9.525 3.18 0.4 T01020 S01020 S02020 SCGN090308 9 9.525 3.18 0.8 SCGN090312 9 9.525 3.18 1

solid cbn inserts for cast iron and hardened steel turning

solid cbn inserts for cast iron and hardened steel turning

swift manufacturing ltd offer high speed cutting tools and methods, we supply with solid cbn inserts,polycrystalline cbn inserts for turning cast iron and hardened steel. cbn has advantages for cutting ferrous metal such as roller,bearing,automobile brake disk,hydraulic pumps,aircraft jet engines etc.

cngn solid cbn insert

CNGN Solid CBN Insert

We feel very glad to offer you Solid CBN inserts Free sample,we just hope you provide us detailed CBN inserts cutting condition,like the CBN inserts ISO size and brand or grade you are using, the workpiece name, workpiece material,rough or semifinish or finish turning,continuous or interrupted working.We send out CBN/PCBN turning inserts to you via TNT,DHL,Fedex,UPS or EMS global express.

worldia - scgn090412-4n pcbn turning insert - positive 90°

Worldia - SCGN090412-4N PCBN Turning Insert - Positive 90°

WORLDIA Standard CBN turning insert can be used in many fields including aviation, automotive industry, and energy equipment industry etc. It is an ideal tool to cut and process different materials such as hardened steel,cast irons and sintered irons as well as powder metallurgy components.

cbn & pcd inserts | goodson tools & supplies

CBN & PCD Inserts | Goodson Tools & Supplies

CBN-500S : 1/2" x 3/16" Titanium Nitride Coated Single Sided CBN Cutter Insert $257.99 2359233 : 1/2" x 3/16" Single Sided CBN Cutter Insert $221.99 2359234 : 1/2" x 3/16" Double Sided Solid CBN Cutter $267.99 2X6144 : 1/2" x 3/16" Single Sided CBN Cutter With Screwhole $204.99 2379268 : 1/2" x 3/16" Single Edge Prep, Diesel Only CBN Cutter Out

scgn solid cbn inserts, scgn pcbn inserts, solid cbn

SCGN Solid CBN inserts, SCGN PCBN inserts, Solid cbn

SCGN Solid CBN inserts is also called SCGN Pcbn inserts are made of cubic boron nitride powder with high wear resistance, high processing accuracy and long life. SCGN Solid CBN inserts are used for a variety of applications, such as hardened steel, ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, powder metal, and as working parts for automotive brake