rough synthetic diamond powder in micron size

micron diamond powder - microdiamant

Micron diamond powder - Microdiamant

Microdiamant processes various types of synthetic diamond powder as well as natural diamond powder into a comprehensive array of products in the micron and sub-micron size range. Micron diamond powders are widely used for the superfinishing of hard materials with demanding specifications for surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

synthetic diamond powder 4-8 micron(s) specification

Synthetic Diamond Powder 4-8 Micron(s) specification

Synthetic Diamond Powder Good for pre-polishing cabochons of harder rough. For commercial applications, this more aggressive micron size will smooth and pre-polish quicker than 0-4. The importance of pre-polish is critical and many of the commercial operations don’t seem to realize it.

synthetic diamond powder - green synthetic diamond powder

Synthetic Diamond Powder - Green Synthetic Diamond Powder

12)50 Grit,60/50Mesh =300/250 basic range size from 250 to 300 Microns; new Synthetic diamond lapidary, micro powders represent crystals and aggregates with the developed surfaces. Synthetic diamond Lapidary powders are used for manufacturing polishing pastes, suspensions, development tools, etc.

synthetic diamond powder 0-5 micron(s) specification

Synthetic Diamond Powder 0-5 Micron(s) specification

Synthetic Diamond Powder 0-5 Micron - good for a final polish on cabochons but there are many other applications. Users need to experiment and determine which micron sizes work best for their particular application. Recommended applications: Polishing - carbide/diamond wire drawing dies, precious/semi precious gemstones, metallographic

synthetic diamond powder - micron and mesh sizes

Synthetic Diamond Powder - Micron and Mesh Sizes

Our Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder has blocky shape and well controlled size, making it an excellent choice for polishing and finishing of gemstones, glass and ceramics. Our Micron Powder is sold per 100 carat lots @ $0.75/carat.

synthetic industrial diamond powder, abrasive powder/dust

Synthetic Industrial Diamond Powder, Abrasive Powder/Dust

At present, many industrial and technical departments require the use of the size of micron diamond powder from 0 to 4um. Diamond Powder Diamond micro powder is also called micro diamond powder, which refers to diamond particles with a particle size finer than 36/54 micron.

diamond micron powder

Diamond Micron Powder

Diamond micron powder is the fine size synthetic diamond powder,also called diamond polishing micron powder or diamond lapping powder,our diamond micron powders used in lapping,polishing,finishing,super finishing for sapphire, gemstone polishing,quartz polishing,ceramic polishing, glass, natural diamond, electronic components and other hard materials polishing etc,our diamond micron powder

synthetic large size rough diamond

Synthetic Large Size Rough Diamond

Yellow Industrial or Gem Purpose Synthetic Large Size Rough Diamond . 1. Brief Introductions of Synthetic Large Size Rough Diamond (1). Manufacturer Brand: LiLiang (2). Size are Available Range in Size from 1mm to 5mm for Yellow and White Rough Diamond. (3). Quality for Yellow Rough Diamond: Industrial Quality and Gem Purpose. (4).

manufacturer of synthetic diamond powder & micron diamond

Manufacturer of Synthetic Diamond Powder & Micron Diamond

“G.D.M. Diamond Tools” is a distinguished Manufacturer of a wide range of Synthetic Diamond Powder, Micron Diamond Powder, etc. Founded in the year 2004, we are a Sole Proprietorship company that is incepted with an objective of providing high quality products in diverse specifications within scheduled time period. Situated in Surat (Gujarat, India), we manufacture the products in

diamond particle size chart - panadyne

Diamond Particle Size Chart - Panadyne

mesh size iso size design micron range bureau of standard equivalent micro finish ra/rhs finish mesh size micron range bureau of standard equivalent micro finish ra/rhs finish diamond particle size chart equivalent equivalent 3.5 5,660 125 3.2 400/500 40-60 50 12-22 0.35 4 4,760 520 40-50 45 5 4,000 530 39-45 40 6 3,360 550 30-40 35 7 2,830 100