premium grade blade for cutting ductile iron pipes diamond brazed

ductile iron safety blades: desert diamond industries

Ductile Iron Safety Blades: Desert Diamond Industries

The Safety Blade cuts ductile iron, cast iron, concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, block and almost anything else you can put in front of it. That's because of its innovative solid steel design (up to 14" diameter) and vacuum-brazed diamond technology, so that it can cut almost anything while eliminating potentially fatal shattering and segment loss.

premium ductile iron diamond blade – kor-it

Premium Ductile Iron Diamond Blade – KOR-IT

Our premium ductile iron diamond blade is a perfect diamond blade for contractors who need a great blade to cut through ductile iron materials.. Applications: Ductile Iron Pipe Features: Key Hole Gullet, Swirl Electroplated Diamond Side Protection, Drive Pin Hole, Turbo Segment, Laser Welded, Dry/Wet Use. Standard diameters are 14″ Cost-effective ductile iron cutting

14" ductile iron electroplated premium turbo diamond blade

14" Ductile Iron Electroplated Premium Turbo Diamond Blade

Ductile Iron Diamond Blades feature Swirl Electroplated Diamond Side Protection on the core specifically designed to eliminate “pipe pinching”. The Premium grade, turbo segmented diamond blades deliver a faster, smoother cut of ductile iron pipe as opposed to an abrasive blade. The Ductile Iron Blades also provide extended cutting life with

ductile iron blade | iron pipe cutting | diamond blade

Ductile Iron Blade | Iron Pipe Cutting | Diamond Blade

Ductile Blade for cutting metals and cast iron pipes. The ductile blade is used for cutting metals. The cast iron pipe cutters can be used to cut through various metals, sheet metal, cast iron pipes, pipes, and steel. The ductile blade makes for a strong steel pipe cutter, cutting through with speed and precisions.

12" rescue demolition diamond blade for pvc iron ductile

12" Rescue Demolition Diamond Blade for PVC Iron Ductile

Diamond Extreme Heavy Duty 14-Inch X .130 X 1"-20MM Metal Cutting Diamond Rescue Blade with Side Coating - use with Hand-Held Saws & Concrete Saws for Cutting Rebar, Ductile Pipe and Similar (14-Inch)

diamond saw blades for ductile iron – ediamondtools

Diamond Saw Blades for Ductile Iron – EDiamondTools

14", 16" high performance diamond saw blades for long last ductile iron cutting with electroplated side protection, usable wet or dry. Vacuum brazed diamond saw blades designed specifically for ductile iron. High resistance to abrasiveness greatly extends the lifetime of ductile iron cutting. Also features electroplated side protection on the

all cut rescue blade - premium | cutting pipe, steel

All Cut Rescue Blade - Premium | Cutting Pipe, Steel

All Cut Rescue Blade - Premium for cutting PVC Pipe, Steel, Cast Iron, Wood, Ductile Iron Pipe, Reinforced Concrete. Toggle menu. Welcome to Diamond Tool Store! 1335 Old Okeechobee Road, Suite 100 West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 All Cut Diamond Blades For Cutting Concrete, Brick, Block, Asphalt, and More Diamond Tool Store offers their All

metal saw blades | carbide cutting blades | delta diamond

Metal Saw Blades | Carbide Cutting Blades | Delta Diamond

Vacuum Brazed Combo Wheel. SKU# 17850. From $79.95 DiamondXtreme Dry Cutting Blades for Ductile Iron and Cast Pipe Applications (Sizes 12"-16") SKU# 12275. From $129.00 Diamond Extreme Premium Metal Cutting Blades (Sizes 4 1/2" - 16")

ductile iron diamond blades


MK-404DIP Supreme Grade for Ductile Iron in Clay Pipe MK Diamond's ductile iron blade's unique electroplate coating enables it to dissipate heat – thereby eliminate the rough edge caused by cutting – as well as providing a deburring action that helps to reduce binding during cutting. The deburring action also produces less drag and resistance than any other similar ductile blades.

cutting cast iron pipes with a ductile iron diamond blade

Cutting Cast Iron Pipes With A Ductile Iron Diamond Blade

Cast iron pipes were originally used during the 14 th century for cannons. But during the 19 th century, it was already used as a pressure pipe for water, gas and sewage transmission. Cutting a cast iron pipe during that era would require having a hammer and a chisel. But this will entail longer hours and inaccurate cuts. Using a diamond blade such as the ductile iron blade will definitely

diteq™ d-23 rescue / utility blade, metal cutting diamond

DITEQ™ D-23 Rescue / Utility Blade, Metal Cutting Diamond

Blade Application: Metal & Rescue, Ductile Iron Pipe: Blade Color: Orange: Saw HP Application: 2 HP - 18 HP: Quality Level: Premium: Blade Size: See Blade Size: Arbor Size: See Blade Size: Blade Width: See Blade Size: Low HP Arix Blades: Traditional Diamond Technology: Type of Segments: Vacuum Bonding Technology: Laser Welded: No: Undercut