pcd diamond cutting disc for metal machining

pcd blank disc

PCD Blank Disc

PCD Blank Disc has the hardness and wear resistance of diamond, whose life is 50 to 250 times that of traditional cemented carbide tools. Item Name:PCD Composite Sheet. Material: Diamond, carbide. Application:Suitable for processing aluminum alloy, wood, 3C products, aerospace materials

pcd diamond | servsix | polycrystalline | synthectic diamond

PCD Diamond | Servsix | Polycrystalline | Synthectic Diamond

Largest Cutting Discs on the Market Being able to select from an unsurpassed range of drilling and cutting tool products and providing the largest cutting tool discs available in the market, Element Six PCD are valued by the majority of tooling companies around the world.

diamond tipped indexable – scientific cutting tools

Diamond Tipped Indexable – Scientific Cutting Tools

Polycrystalline Boron Nitride (PCD) PCD is excellent for continuous cutting of a wide range of non-ferrous and non-metal materials. The products are precision ground for machining to sub-micron finishes with maximum tool life. PCD tipped tools and inserts allow for higher cutting speeds with longer tool life.

pcd cutting blanks - pcd tools - tkd co., ltd

PCD Cutting Blanks - PCD Tools - TKD CO., LTD

Polycrystalline diamond cutting blanks is composed of carbide substrate and polycrystalline diamond layer. The diamond content of polycrystalline layers is more than 90%. PCD blanks for cutting tools are widely used for woodworking, plastic, CNC metal working industry etc.

pcd inserts for cutting and machining aerospace components

pcd inserts for cutting and machining aerospace components

full faced pcd inserts and tipped pcd inserts are used in aerospace industry for cutting and machining aircraft components like landing gear bean,central wing box,flap track,vertical tail,wing rib,turbine disc,turbine casing,blisk,fan disc.

the polycrystalline diamond (pcd) | preziss tools

The Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) | Preziss Tools

PREZISS is a PCD Diamond Cutting Tools Manufacturer, PCD properties makes diamond the ideal material for machine tools and cutting tools. Common industrial applications of this ability include diamond-tipped cutting tools and saws. The usual form of diamond in cutting tools is micrometer-sized grains dispersed in a metal matrix sintered onto the PCD blank.

study on pcd machining

Study on PCD machining

Polycrystalline diamond, PCD, is manufactured by a high pressure and high temperature process that yields direct diamond-to-diamond bonding within a matrix of cobalt metal. It is currently used in the industry for cutting tools of difficult-to-machine materials because of its superior characteristics.

metal machining and processing - sf diamond

Metal machining and processing - SF DIAMOND

Both solid PCD and PCD backed with carbide in different grain sizes are available. For metal machining and processing, SF Diamond has also PCBN products for tools used to cut and machine hard ferrous metal items such as high speed steel, bearing steel, cast iron, etc.

where diamond shines | american machinist

Where diamond shines | American Machinist

The binderless composition of CVD diamond bypasses the chemical degradation that can occur in cobalt metal sintered PCD or tungsten carbide, especially at high cutting temperatures. This behavior, coupled with high lubricity and thermal conductivity, is believed to be a key advantage for the use of CVD diamond in high speed and dry machining

using grinding versus edm to finish  - production machining

Using Grinding Versus EDM to Finish - Production Machining

PCD tools have a significantly higher service life than hard metal tools when it comes to working on nonferrous metals or plastic with glass or carbon fiber, for instance. However, because of the qualities of the diamond and CBN crystals in these materials, cutting into segments is difficult and requires EDM, Schwanog’s Production Manager