oil soluble diamond paste diamond powder thermal paste

oil soluble diamond paste

Oil Soluble Diamond Paste

1.Grinding paste with top-quality micro-powder as raw material can also be customized. 2. Water soluble and oil soluble grinding paste are available. 3. The contents of micro-powder are divided into regular grade and strengthened grade. Customized . products are available. The default content is of regular grade. 4.

gesswein oil soluble diamond compounds | gesswein

Gesswein Oil Soluble Diamond Compounds | Gesswein

Our most popular diamond compound. The oil soluble carrier holds the compound together very well, even under high speed applications. The carrier helps to provide faster cutting action and can be thinned with our Lubricant/Thinner. These compounds feature close tolerances on particle size and distribution for consistency. The diamond concentration has been specifically designed for the mold

diamond slurry, diamond lubricants, powders and pastes

Diamond Slurry, Diamond Lubricants, Powders and Pastes

Natural and synthetic diamond is available in paste form. Both oil and water base paste can be selected. Color-coding is used to differentiate micron sizing. The paste can be provided in medium, standard and strong diamond concentrations. The standard packaging is a 5 gm or 18 gm plastic syringe.

micro-tec oil based diamond paste for polishing

Micro-Tec oil based diamond paste for polishing

The diamond powder is micron graded and mixed into the colour coded paste to distinguish between sizes. The oil soluble carrier compounds holds the paste together very well, even when high speed polishing discs are used.

china diamond powder paste, china diamond powder paste

China Diamond Powder Paste, China Diamond Powder Paste

Quick clean-up Classification: 1. Oil soluble diamond paste 2. Water soluble diamond paste Usages: Oil soluble diamond grinding paste is mainly used for lapping and polishing very hard materials. Water soluble diamond grinding paste is primarily used for processing and lapping measuring instruments, cutting tools and sealing parts as well.

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DIAMOND PASTES - STROH Diamantwerkzeuge

Diamond paste is used to lap and polish all kinds of materials. It is produced by mixing finest diamond powder with water or oil emulsion. Areas of application are tool and mould construction, steel rollers, extrusion and moulding tools made of carbide and steel, measure and probe surfaces as well as structure cuts in metallography.

diamond compound and diamond paste - kemet

Diamond Compound and Diamond Paste - Kemet

Type L diamond paste. Oil Soluble diamond compound / paste specially developed for use on hard materials such as Tungsten Carbide, Hardened Steels and Ceramics. High thermal stability of the carrier ensures that Kemet Diamond Compound resists frictional heat, remains stable and keeps its suspension properties under operating conditions.

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Diamond Pastes, Powders & Sprays - Arrowhead Lapidary

3 pack of 5 gram Diamond Paste by Crystalite Price: $41. 5 Gram Diamond Polishing Paste Price: $7.20 - $8. 2 Dram bottle of CRYSTALUBE Price: $17.50 - $ Micromite Diamond Powder (100 carat) by Lapcraft Price: $68.50 - $72. 100 carat Diamond Powders by Crystalite Price: $

diamond polishing paste for a beautiful finish

Diamond Polishing Paste for a Beautiful Finish

The diamond grinding paste is mixed with a water soluble oil and comes in an easy to apply 5g syringe so the paste is ready to use and is easy to apply. Use on glass, metals, ceramic and mineral surfaces to give a superfine mirror finish. 0.25 - 3 micron for final polishing; 6 - 14 micron for lapping and pre-polishing

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(Oil Soluble) WS (Water Soluble) Standard Diamond Compound Application Guide APPLICATION MICRON GRADE MICRON RANGE MESH SIZE EQUIV. COLOR CONC. ULTRA FINE Applying finest finishes on metals and ceramics 1/4 (0-1/2) 100,000 Gray Std. 1/2 (0-1) 60,000 Lt. Gray Std. 1 (0-2) 14,000 Ivory Std. SUPER FINE Final finishing of dies, molds, seals, most