multi purpose diamond blades for general cutting for fire rescue

diamond k-12 fire rescue blades for metal cutting

Diamond K-12 Fire Rescue Blades for Metal Cutting

Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with top-of-the-line high-tech products. Our mission is to work closely with our manufacturers to remain on the leading edge of diamond-blade technology. And to listen to our customers to continually meet their needs with the highest-quality rescue blades, saws and products at the most affordable prices, while providing

diamond rescue blade | fire rescue blade | metal cutting tools

Diamond Rescue Blade | Fire Rescue Blade | Metal Cutting Tools

Diamond Rescue Blade & Multi Cutter. Features of the Rescue Blade. 1 inch arbor size. Excellent cutting speed with granite, marble, concrete, porcelain, metal, aluminum, glass, and others. No chipping! No disk breakage and no segment loss. No vibration or wobbling during use. No reduction in blade size. No dust during use. Dry and wet cutting.

team piraya diamond rescue saw blades | team equipment, inc.

TEAM Piraya Diamond Rescue Saw Blades | TEAM EQUIPMENT, INC.

The Piraya diamond blade provides super-fast concrete and steel cutting with the light wood cutting versatility fire departments need. The Piraya blade gives you a “one blade cuts all materials” for your rescue saw. When in doubt, the PIRAYA Multi-Purpose Diamond Blade is the answer. Used for cutting concrete, masonry, metal, plastic, light

the extractor-ii rescue blade™ - multipurpose diamond saw

The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™ - Multipurpose Diamond Saw

If the blade begins to bog down in the cut, quickly raise it from the point. and keep the saw's RPMs high, generally one does not need to remove the blade completely from the cut to get the blade back up to high RPMs. When cutting soft materials like aluminum, copper or brass, the diamond edge of the blade may glaze up a little.

team equipment piraya diamond blades - firepenny

TEAM Equipment PIRAYA Diamond Blades - Firepenny

TEAM Equipment PIRAYA Diamond Blades The PIRAYA Multi-Purpose Diamond Blade is a fire service has requested a "one blade cuts all materials" for rescue saws. (Remove bushing to achieve a 1" arbor) The Piraya diamond blade provides super-fast concrete and steel cutting with the light wood cutting versatility fire departments need. The Piraya blade gives you a "one blade cuts all materials" for

mk fire tiger tooth multipurpose blades

MK Fire Tiger Tooth Multipurpose Blades

The Fire Tiger Tooth diamond blade is engineered for use by Fire Fighters, Rescue, USAR, S.W.A.T. and Police. Applications include utilization as an Emergency Rescue Blade and Tactical Entry Tool. In time sensitive situations the Fire Tiger Tooth will provide quick and efficient cutting of a diverse range of materials such as:

multi-purpose diamond blade - mercer industries


This high performance Multi-Purpose Diamond Blade will cut a wide variety of materials and delivers fast, cool cuts. Commonly referred to as a demolition or rescue blade. Mercer’s BLUE LIGHTNING® line of diamond blades feature high quality industrial diamonds manufactured with hot pressed technology to give the blades long life and increased efficiency. Size = Diameter x Thickness of Kerf x

piraya diamond blades -

Piraya Diamond Blades -

For years the fire service has requested “one blade that cuts all materials” for rescue saws. The Piraya Diamond Blade is as close to meeting this requirement as is technically possible in today’s Diamond Blade industry. The Piraya Diamond Blade is vacuum-braised using high-quality grade diamonds for fast, smooth cutting and long blade life.

both blades engineered for fire rescue cutting of any

Both Blades Engineered For Fire Rescue Cutting of Any

Choose a Blade for Long Life or for High Speed Cutting Fits All Rotary Saws - Available in 12",14" and 16" Sizes With a 4.5” Blade for Angle Grinders Diamond Blades That Cut All Materials Engineered for High Performance Fire Rescue Cutting Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Cuts All Metals Cuts Reinforced Concrete Black Star Diamond Blade Sizes: 12

truck company operations: using the  - fire engineering

Truck Company Operations: Using the - Fire Engineering

A multi-purpose blade with a diamond cutting edge is most common and is usually the most desirable. It offers a wide range of materials that can be cut with just one blade (photo 1).

diteq™ d-23 rescue / utility blade, metal cutting diamond

DITEQ™ D-23 Rescue / Utility Blade, Metal Cutting Diamond

The blade did not gum up or lose its cutting ability. After testing the blade for several days and cutting a variety of materials, we were surprised at the durability of the blade and the lack of any visible wear. Overall the blade performed beyond our expectations and we would recommend this blade to any fire company looking for an all-purpose