high efficient cbn cutting tools inserts for bearing

high efficiency cnmn solid cbn tips inserts for processing

High Efficiency Cnmn Solid Cbn Tips Inserts For Processing

FUNIK CBN (Cubic boron nitride) inserts are widely used in processing pearlitic cast iron, high chromium and nickel alloy cast iron, hardened steel, powder metal, hard alloy and super alloy.In the mechanical machining application of the traditional system, not only it has greatly reduced the comprehensive production cost, but also significantly improved the production capacity and efficiency

pcbn insert-funik ultrahard material co., ltd.

PCBN Insert-Funik Ultrahard Material Co., Ltd.

Focusing on revolutionary technological innovation on CBN micro-nano materials, composites and cutting tool application, and advanced controlling and manufacturing process, Funik is able to develop and manufacture the most consistent high-quality PCBN solid inserts with high impact resistance, more economical double-layer inserts, super finishing single-layer inserts and inserts with cutting

diamond tipped tools - cbn | pcbn | cvd | diamond inserts

Diamond Tipped Tools - CBN | PCBN | CVD | Diamond Inserts

Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Inserts Cutting Tools are used for hard machining applications. you can use PCBN tools if the material of your application is Alloy Steel,Tool Steel,Bearing Steel,Carbon Steel,Gray Cast Iron,Nodular Iron,White/Chilled Iron,Powdered Metal,Sintered Tungsten Carbide.

cbn cutting inserts | gear and bearing industry | funik

CBN Cutting Inserts | Gear and Bearing Industry | FUNIK

Through the processing, the cutting edge of carbide tools immediately turn red, and in high cutting temperatures, the edge becomes prone to chipping or breaking. A short tool life was also a common complaint of the tools. Customer Feedback In 2008, we tried Funik CBN cutting inserts, and achieved very good results.

solid cbn inserts, cbn inserts, pcd inserts, pcbn cutting

Solid CBN inserts, CBN inserts, PCD inserts, PCBN cutting

Specific for the High Hardness Rolls, Halnn Tools Recommend the Solid CBN Inserts Which can be used for Large Margin Cutting. Compared with the Traditional Cutting Tools, the Solid CBN Insert’s Performance is more Stable, and the Production Efficiency Will be Improved, and the ary cutting applications significantly reduced the Production Costs.

solid cbn inserts for high boron steel roller turning

Solid CBN Inserts For High Boron Steel Roller Turning

>>CBN turning inserts for Roller turning,very hard cuting condition but our insert get long life,high cutting efficiency. >>CBN turning inserts for Automotive workpieces,from brakedisk to cylinder block. >>CBN turning inserts for steel Gear machining,interrupted turning



PCD Cutting Tool. Substantially improve cutting efficiency and tool life. Download the PDF. New Product Release. Funik CBN cutting tool: The life is improved by 370%. The efficiency is promoted by 67%. Workpiece name: CBN/DIA superabrasive PCD blank PCBN insert PCD cutting tool

how to improve machining efficiency and prolong pcbn

How to Improve Machining Efficiency and Prolong PCBN

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is widely used in cutting ferrous materials such as high hardness iron and steel parts due to its superior cutting performance. The development The development of CBN cutting tools has greatly improved the processing efficiency, improved the product quality and reduced the production cost.

hard part turning with cbn

Hard part turning with CBN

A CBN insert can withstand the high cutting temperatures and forces and still retain its cutting edge. This is why CBN delivers long, consistent tool life and produces components with excellent surface finish. Sandvik Coromant offers a comprehensive program of unique CBN products for finish turning of case hardened steels.

what is the performance of pcbn insert hard turning bearings

What is the performance of PCBN Insert hard turning bearings

Bearing steel GCr15 is one type common materials for bearings, the hardness will be about above HRC50, the hardness is too high to machine, In current times, the manufacturers choose tungsten carbide insert for turning instead of grinding machine bearings, however it needs change the insert frequently, which will affect the processing efficiency.