diamond powder used for diamond wire sharp and high toughness scmd-wd

scmd-wd (special powder for diamond wire)_diamond micro

SCMD-WD (special powder for diamond wire)_Diamond micro

SCMD-WD (special powder for diamond wire) date:2015-06-23 13:11 hits: size【 big | normal | small 】 Product performance: raw material is MBD series diamond of high strength with special processing; crystal is regular, grit size distribution and available particle are concentrated; micro particle is of high strength; impurity content is low; dispersity and wear resistance is good.

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Diamond Micro Powder for Wire Saw - llgem.com

Raw materials with higher quality standard, used for highly demand of strength. (4). MP---High Purity and Super Purity with High Strength Diamond Powder. LD240. Mainly Used for PCD and PDC, etc. (5). RVD---Diamond Grains for Resin and Vitrified Bond. LD210. It is Suitable for Making Resin Bond Diamond Tools, also for Rough Grinding. (6). XP

diamond powder: microdiamant

Diamond powder: Microdiamant

Monocrystalline diamond powder is produced by HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) synthesis. The diamond particles feature an oriented crystal structure with parallel-running cleavage planes, similar to natural diamond. For diamond tools, particle fracturing provides a self-sharpening mechanism and thus increases tool life. Monocrystalline diamond powder is a popular choice for precision grinding, lapping and polishing of various materials.

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Diamond Polishing Powders & Compounds - Lasco Diamond Products

Lasco's Diamond Polishing Powders. This is faceting grade, resin bond, diamond powder. Use the coarser grits (100, 400, & 600 grits) for shaping. Use the intermediate grits (1200, 3000, & 8000 grits) for pre-polishing. Use the finest grits (14000, 50000, & 100000 grits) for final polishing.

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Diamond Powder-Products-Diamond Powder,HTHP Synthetic

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SCMD-WD (special powder for diamond wire) Product performance: raw material is MBD series diamond of high strength with special processing; crystal is regular, grit size distribution an

synthetic diamond powder, diamond polishing powder

Synthetic Diamond Powder, Diamond Polishing Powder

Beta Diamond specializes in diamond polishing powder, synthetic diamond powder, and other polishing abrasive such as Silicon Carbide Powder. For more details about our high quality products, call us at (800) 975-9009. Beta Diamond Products, Inc. Beta is Better! 800-975-9009 Your Diamond Product Provider.

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Diamond Powder - AdvancedAbrasives.com

RDP (Resin Bond Diamond Powder) RDP is the recommended product for machining many types of ceramic, glass and tungsten carbide. This material is ideal for all vitrified, phenolic and polyimide bond systems. Available in multiple particle sizes ranging from 50nm up to 30/40 mesh. Features.

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Kumthai|Synthetic Diamond|Diamond Powder|CBN-Kumthai

With high purity high strength single crystal diamonds from ZhongNan Company as the raw materials, synthetic diamond mic.. Cubic Boron Nitride Micron Powder(CBN-B5M) Cubic Boron Nitride micron powder B5M is made from CBN-B5 series CBN abrasives, which has good grinding efficiency and e..

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Diamond Powder Price List at Diamond Tech

Diamond powder or micron powders are well defined ranges of fine particles usually less than 80 microns in diameter. A micron grade designation defines the size range of the abrasive particles. Crystal shape, strength and accuracy of sizing are the key elements for a quality micron powder. This is very important in lapping, polishing, and super-finishing operations where oversized grains can