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* SsangYong PCBN Cutting Tool is an ultra hard cutting tool material consisting of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride with metallicor ceramic binder. SsangYong PCBN is available either as a tip brazed to a carbide or as solid CBN insert. It is used for hardened ferrous material. * SsangYong PCD Cutting Tool is an ultra hard cutting tool

cbn/pcd turning inserts, grooving inserts, pdc cutter

CBN/PCD turning inserts, grooving inserts, PDC Cutter

Cutting Tools for Machining Brake Disc. Solid PCBN Inserts Used for Machining Brake Discs in Spain. The Spanish customer used the ceramic inserts to process the brake disc before, each insert has only 30 pieces of life with low processing efficiency and poor roughness.After cooperating with us, the customer purchased the solid PCBN tool produced by our company.

iso pcbn indexable insert - cutting tools,pcd turning

ISO PCBN Indexable Insert - Cutting Tools,PCD Turning

Worldia is PCBN insert manufacturer in China. The PCBN insert can realize high speed cutting and hard material cutting with high work efficiency, and also can facilitate fast clamping. Our PCBN insert can be used repeatedly so it can lower your processing cost. The PCBN insert is used to process hardened steel, hardened cast iron, grey cast iron and iron series metal work pieces.

solid pcbn inserts | pcbn cutting tool | worldia

Solid PCBN Inserts | PCBN Cutting Tool | Worldia

Material Worldia uses premium PCBN blanks manufactured by world famous companies. Application The solid CBN insert is applied to various ferrous metals, such as cast iron, nodular cast iron, pearlite grey cast iron, HRC45-68 hardened steel, bearing steel, tungsten carbide, hard roller and sintered alloy, particularly for auto parts, roller, gear and bearing industry.

solid cbn inserts, cbn inserts, pcd inserts, pcbn cutting

Solid CBN inserts, CBN inserts, PCD inserts, PCBN cutting

CBN Tools for Turning Hardened Steel. Halnn Superhard provides hard turning, hard milling, profiling, grooving, threading and other CBN tools for the hardened steel field, and has formed a set of hard cutting tools from continuous to intermittent, from roughing to super-finishing The scheme is for users to choose.

diamond cutting tool for ceramic suppliers, all quality

Diamond Cutting Tool For Ceramic Suppliers, all Quality

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PCBN & PCD Inserts - Brisloy Tools

PCBN Inserts. PCBN Inserts for all requirements of Hard Steel Turning with grinding finish & Cast Iron high speed Turning. CB300, CB400 – PCBN Grades for wide range of turning applications like Speed Gear Bore & Face, High accuracy turning & boring of Hardened Steels. CB200 – PCBN Grade for Finish turning of Alloy Steel & Cast Iron materials.

milling inserts, pcd tools and cbn tools, cbn cutting

Milling Inserts, PCD Tools And CBN Tools, CBN Cutting

The economic benefits of using PCD are further contributed to when considering the time saved by eliminating frequent machine-downtime processes such as tool changing and indexing. PCBN Milling inserts are generally used on cast iron and steel. The geometry of the milling cutter has a significant impact on the performance of the PCBN tool.

pcbn cutting tools | shape-master tool

PCBN Cutting Tools | Shape-Master Tool

Shape-Master Tool was founded in 1976 as a niche natural diamond tool fabricating company; industry standards required a chip free finish at 1000x magnification. As the company has grown and evolved into a leading Polycrystalline cutting tool manufacturer, we continue to pride ourselves on providing the best edge quality in the industry.

pcd tipped insert speed and feed chart

PCD Tipped Insert Speed and Feed Chart

SCT PCD inserts are excellent for continuous cutting of a wide range of non-ferrous and non-metal materials. The inserts are precision ground for machining to sub-micron finishes with maximum tool life. PCD tipped inserts allow for higher cutting speeds with longer tool life.

turning of hardened 100cr6 bearing steel with ceramic

Turning of hardened 100Cr6 bearing steel with ceramic

The response surface graphics for surface roughness show that the factor with the higher significance on the surface roughness value is feed rate for all the cutting tool materials used. • PCBN cutting tools provide longer tool life than ceramics, when turning 100Cr6 bearing steel, for a cutting speed range between 100 and 180 m/min and a