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blastrac grinders - surface grinders -

Blastrac Grinders - Surface Grinders -

Diamond grinders and polishers use horizontally rotating disks to level, smooth or clean a concrete surface. A diamond tipped or other type of abrasive wheel is mounted on the grinder. The grinder may have single or multiple heads, typically up to 3. Planetary grinders are well suited for highly polished concrete.

diamond tools for floor grinding and polishing | blastrac

Diamond tools for floor grinding and polishing | Blastrac

A simple rule is that a hard surface needs a soft bond segment and a soft surface requires a hard bond segment to optimize the life of the diamond tool. A wide range of different surface finishes can be achieved by diamond grinding, using diamond particles of various sizes between an 18 grit and a 150 grit metal bound. A Simple Diamond Bond System

surface grinders - blastrac grinders -

Surface Grinders - Blastrac Grinders -

The 05-67000 grinder is a quality hand-held grinder designed specifically for concrete prep and coatings removal. The heavy-duty design of the 05-67000 Grinder provides solid performance when grinding for concrete preparation along walls, around protrusions, and those hard-to-access areas, and offers great dependability for removing epoxies and mastics when utilizing appropriate grinding disks

premium grinding tools blastrac – diamag

Premium Grinding Tools Blastrac – Diamag

GRIT SIZE DESCRIPTION; BG707311: 18 / 20: Grinding of coatings and thin layers: BG707312: 30 / 40: Grinding to create a key for bonding and / or grinding of top layers: BG707313: 60 / 80 : Grinding to create a key for bonding and / or grinding of top layers: BG707314: 120 / 150: Polishing | Last metal bond step before starting with resin pads

blastrac floor grinder preparation equipment | trowel

Blastrac Floor Grinder Preparation Equipment | Trowel

A floor grinder that is easy and comfortable to use. The BGS-250 MKII is a single-disc concrete grinder especially designed for small to medium horizontal surface preparation applications The BGS-250 MKII is very easy and comfortable to use with low vibrations.The BGS-250 MKII concrete grinder is perfect for surface preparation, surface levelling, preparation before coating, […]

concrete grinding & polishing tools 2017 - blastrac

concrete GrindinG & polishinG tools 2017 - Blastrac

Diamond Resin Bonded 550-1200 50 Grit Resin 550-650 100 Grit Resin 600-650 200 Grit Resin 650-700 400 Grit Resin 700-800 800 Grit Resin 850-1000 1500 Grit Resin 900-1100 3000 Grit Resin 1000-1200 Recommended Tooling RP m This heavy duty quick change plate works with all of your favorite Diamatic grinding and polishing tools.

blastrac 10" bgs-250 diamond grinder

Blastrac 10" BGS-250 Diamond Grinder

The Blastrac® BGS-250-115-V2 surface grinder is designed for small and medium sized jobs. This versatile grinder uses 10” diamond disks to handle applications ranging from those at general construction job sites to many specialized coating and restoration projects.

concrete grinding tools | diamond tooling | floor grinding

Concrete Grinding Tools | Diamond Tooling | Floor Grinding

Diamond Grinding Tools for stone, granite, concrete, marble, travertine, terrazzo, quartz, and more. Our Diamond Grinding Tools include floor segments/restoration products, diamond cup wheels, diamond grinding and polishing pads, specialty, grinding stones, pcds, sandpaper, and more Abrasive Paper 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 Grit 180mm 230mm

grinding accessories - blastrac

Grinding accessories - Blastrac

Blastrac is one of the main distributors of Diamag grinding and polishing tools. Diamag tools are designed to be fitted on grinders from most manufacturers. Please visit their website for more information: WWW.DIAMAG.EU. Watch the video for a better understanding of how a Blastrac floor grinder / polisher works.

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866-669-6643• 5 SINGLE SEGMENT DIAMOND WINGS GRINDING AND POLISHING SYSTEMS Single Segment Wings For use on light machines DIA707320XS 18/20 Grit Single Segment Extra Soft (Black) DIA707320S 18/20 Grit Single Segment Soft (Red) DIA707320 18/20 Grit Single Segment Medium (Green) DIA707320H 18/20 Grit Single Segment Hard (Blue) DIA707340XS 30/40 Grit Single Segment

flextool and blastrac grinding shoe

Flextool and Blastrac Grinding Shoe

Flextool 80 Grit Quick-Fit Hard Concrete Grinding Shoe FT124709-UNIT Flextool Quick-Fit grinding sh.. $65.00 Ex Tax: $59.09 Add to Cart