7 premium demolition fire rescue diamond blade for circular saws

rescue saw blade

rescue saw blade

Premium Grade Demolition Carbide Fire Rescue Saw Blade for hand held gas chop saws available in 14" or 12" Diameter (14") 1.0 out of 5 stars 1 $225.00 $ 225 . 00

avanti pro 7 in. segmented diamond blade-hd-s70 - the home

Avanti Pro 7 in. Segmented Diamond Blade-HD-S70 - The Home

The AvantiPRO 7 in. Segmented Diamond Blade provides the best cutting performance and long life for all of your DIY projects. Use the segmented rim blade for fast and aggressive cuts on concrete, brick, block, stone, and stucco. This blade will fit most 7 in. angle grinders and circular saws.

7-1/4 in. 24-teeth demo demon tracking point amped saw blade

7-1/4 in. 24-Teeth Demo Demon Tracking Point Amped Saw Blade

Demo Demon Amped™, the Ultimate Framing and Demolition saw blade for up to 10 times cutting performance in intense applications. This 7-1/4” 24-Tooth blade includes a new industry-first tooth grind sequence, Tracking Point Amped™ that is specifically designed to provide extreme durability and effortless cuts; even when cutting abrasive

fire rescue blades - website – desert diamond industries

Fire Rescue Blades - Website – Desert Diamond Industries

Fire Rescue Safety Blades are made of solid steel to eliminate segment loss, shattering, and silicon carbide dust. They’re the safest fire rescue saw blades you can buy. Fire Rescue Safety Blades have a thick coat of vacuum-brazed diamond that makes them the fastest-cutting fire rescue blades on the market.

demo-cut high speed specialty blades

Demo-Cut High Speed Specialty Blades

Carbide-tipped for metals, roofing and building materials, wood, tar, fire doors, plastic and rubber. Not suitable for concrete. Made with .250” thick carbide chunks that allow extremely fast cutting that will not bind or load (an important factor in rescue cutting).

fire operations: how to pick the right saw blades

Fire operations: How to pick the right saw blades

Diamond Blade Dealer’s line of diamond blades and accessories includes one model specifically designed for fire and rescue operations. Diamond-tipped rescue/demolition saw blades can cut through

dewalt 7 in. concrete and brick diamond circular saw blade

DEWALT 7 in. Concrete and Brick Diamond Circular Saw Blade

Use the DEWALT 7 in. Concrete and Brick Diamond Circular Saw Blade for dry and wet cutting. This blade is ideal for brick and other masonry materials. It features heavy-duty metal construction and a hard, diamond-reinforced edge for durability.

mk diamond - fire/rescue blades

MK Diamond - Fire/Rescue Blades

Typically, most types of blades are limited to cutting a specific range of materials: Abrasive wheels for metal, diamond blades for concrete and masonry, carbide toothed blades for wood. With the MK Fire Tiger Tooth, a single blade can now be used to cut all these materials and is available in sizes that fit most hand grinders and cut off saws.

rescue saw blades - diamond k-12 fire rescue blades

Rescue Saw Blades - Diamond K-12 Fire Rescue Blades

The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™ - Multipurpose Diamond Saw Blade. The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade is engineered with durability and versatility in mind. The heart of the blade is a steel core with high quality industrial cutting diamonds vacuum-brazed to the edge. Segments do not break or fly off as with traditional laser-welded diamond blades

bigblue™ 5t demolition blade for 7-1/4" circular saw

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade for 7-1/4" Circular Saw

A heavy-duty demo saw blade built to cut harsh materials including shingles with nails and wood, metal wire mesh, lath and plaster, and more! 5x Longer life over other framing/demolition blades when cutting harsh materials. Clog free, warp free, and crack free. Everlasting carbide teeth with wide kerf. 7-1/4 in. for circular saws and worm drive

diamond k-12 fire rescue blades for metal cutting

Diamond K-12 Fire Rescue Blades for Metal Cutting

Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with top-of-the-line high-tech products. Our mission is to work closely with our manufacturers to remain on the leading edge of diamond-blade technology. And to listen to our customers to continually meet their needs with the highest-quality rescue blades, saws and products at the most affordable prices, while providing