16 inch vacuum brazed diamond saw blade for cutting steel metal

16” metal cutting all cut rescue demolition blade vacuum

16” Metal Cutting All Cut Rescue Demolition Blade Vacuum

16” Premium High Speed Diamond Blade for GAS SAW ONLY Cuts Steel Rebar Pipe Tubes. THIS DIAMOND BLADE FOR REBAR AND STEEL IS FOR HIGH SPEED GAS SAW ONLY. If you are in need of replacing your abrasive wheels, this is the diamond blade for the job. It cuts either wet or dry and is laser welded to ensure highest quality of diamonds on its segments.

14" 16" vacuum brazed cutting discs diamond saw blade

14" 16" Vacuum Brazed Cutting Discs Diamond Saw Blade

Material: Brazed Diamond. 1x Brazed Cutting Disc(The size depends on your choice.). High sharpness, smooth cut, hard alloy steel as matrix, special teeth design, easy piercing, quick cutting. Wide application range, used for gray iron, ductile iron casting casting riser, building profile, ductile iron cast pipe, rail and other cutting.

vacuum brazed diamond blades for metal cutting

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blades For Metal Cutting

Vacuum brazed diamond blades are made with a much higher quality process than typical sintered or laser welded diamond blades. Blades mostly have a mixture or diamond matrix of different materials that are bonded onto the steel core of the diamond blade. With the vacuum brazing process, the segments are coated in diamonds.

the extractor-ii rescue blade™ - multipurpose diamond saw

The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™ - Multipurpose Diamond Saw

The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade is engineered with durability and versatility in mind. The heart of the blade is a steel core with high quality industrial cutting diamonds vacuum-brazed to the edge. Segments do not break or fly off as with traditional laser-welded diamond blades, making this blade literally bulletproof.

vacuum brazed diamond saw blade


Vacuum brazed saw blade Features : 1. High degree of exposed diamond grains . 2. Sharp cutting . 3. Energy-conservation and environment -friendliness. Product description 1. Application for cutting concrete, steel, iron, brick, block, masonry and stone 2.

wuxi diamond saw blade products, wuxi diamond saw blade

Wuxi Diamond Saw Blade products, Wuxi Diamond Saw Blade

Metal Cutting Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade [May 20, 2020] Product description: Premium vacuum brazed saw blade / With 30/40# diamond grit / Cut a 50mm thickness metal just needs 28 seconds / Can cut stainless steel, all types of metal, Company: DONGYAN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

wuxi diamond saw blade products, wuxi diamond saw blade

Wuxi Diamond Saw Blade products, Wuxi Diamond Saw Blade

Stainless Steel Cutting Saw Blade Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade [May 20, 2020] Product description: Vacuum brazed diamond tools are widely used for cutting metal board ,stainless steel ,fiber glass and stone material . Premium vacuum brazed saw blade / Company: DONGYAN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

husqvarna diamond blades fr3

Husqvarna Diamond blades FR3

FR3 diamond blade cuts metal, concrete and brick/block. A layer of vacuum brazed diamonds give the blade an outstanding cutting performance. diamond tools and all accessories that you need to cut, saw, drill, demolish, grind and polish concrete. We let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done

diamond blade do’s & don’ts

Diamond Blade Do’s & Don’ts

The use of loose bushings to reduce the arbor hole size is not recommended for diamond blades used on high speed saws. Don’t stand in direct line with dry diamond or abrasive blades during start-up or operation. Don’t attempt to cut more than 1 ½ inches deep per pass with dry cut blades. Don’t make long continuous cuts with a dry diamond

understanding diamond blades

Understanding Diamond Blades

How are diamond blades made? Diamond blades are made up of two components: the steel core and the segment. 1. Steel Core: Support Part. The core is typically a round flat metal disc used to support the outer segments. The diamond can be attached to the core using vacuum brazing, sintering, or laser welding.