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PCD Inserts - Halnn Tools

Halnn superhard material Co.,Ltd. is a cutting tools manufacturer with more than 20 years experience,specialized in produce Solid CBN inserts and CBN turning inserts which used for hard turning the gear,bearing,steel iron rolls,brake disc and other hardened steel and cast iron workpiece.

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PCD/PCBN Tooling - Abrasive Technology

PCD tools are recommended to machine non-ferrous and very abrasive materials. They have the capacity to out-produce carbide tools 10 to 100 times. AT manufactures PCD tooling for all turning, boring, and milling applications. Cutting tools and inserts of any make can be tipped with PCD sections.

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Innovative PCD tools for complex machining tasks - Gühring

All cutting edges can also be re-adjusted in a radial and axial direction to maximise service life. Sloping PCD guide pads for optimum guiding behaviour in interrupted cutting with the PCD drill. Screw-fitted, exchangeable clamping holders make it possible to re-tip the tool quickly, easily and without thermal stress on the base body.

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Glass Cutter | PCD Glass Cutting Tools - PCD | CBN | Inserts

Handheld carbide glass cutter with micro teeth glass cutting wheel is the newest and most advanced technology for glass cutting by hand. The handheld glass cutters is commonly used on materials with different thickness ranging from 2mm up to 19mm, can be used with common float glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors and windows, and mirrors.

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Pcd Grooving Inserts | MSCDirect.com

It is shock resistant, wear resistant and allows for cutting at high speeds on nonferrous material. Insert Style GIPA Insert Size 300020 Material Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Cutting Width (mm) 3.00 Cutting Width (Decimal Inch) 0.1181 Maximum Depth of Cut (mm) 1.80 Maximum Depth of Cut (Decimal Inch) 0.0710 Manufacturer's Grade ID5 Coatin

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PCD and CBN Tools – Advanced Diamond Products

PCD and CBN Tools We offer a wide range of PCD (Polycrystalline diamond) as well as CBN (Cubic boron nitride) tools and inserts, twist drills, and custom shapes. We offer a unique High Temperature PCD that can withstand temperatures up to 2100° F.

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CBN & PCD Squares Inserts - Superior Abrasive Products 248

Superior Abrasive Products 248-969-4090 Over 50 Years of Pioneering Advanced Technology in Diamond and CBN Diamond; CBN & PCD. Solid CBN Inserts; CBN & PCD Squares Inserts; Triangle CBN & PCD Inserts; Diamond CBN & PCD Inserts; Articles ; Links; Boring Bars Square CBN & PCD Tipped Inserts Code. Cutting Edge Length MM. Inscribed Circle MM

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Superabrasive CUTTING TOOLS & WEAR PARTS - Abrasive Technology

PCD tools are recommended to machine non-ferrous and very abrasive materials. They have the capacity to out produce carbide tools 10 to 100 times. We manufacture PCD tooling for all turning, boring, drilling, milling and reaming applications. Cutting tools and inserts of any make can be tipped with PCD sections. There are two options: • We

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PCD and Diamond Drill Bits, Cutting Tools, and Inserts

The photo shows a typical end mill with PCD cutting edges brazed on. PCD is formed in large High Temperature-High Pressure presses as either a diamond wafer on carbide backing or forming a “vein” of PCD within carbide. PCD Inserts. Given that PCD bonded to carbide for brazed tools is available, it should follow that PCD inserts are

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Diamond Cutting Tools | PCD | PCBN | Inserts | End Milling

And we can manufacture special tools and inserts to your exact blue print specifications. Mastertech Special Tooling. Mastertech provides custom manufactured PCD, PCBN, Rotary cutting tools, inserts, cartridges and blue print specials made to order. We also provide relap, retip and reset service on any of our manufactured special PCD, PCBN, and

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